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48-Year-Old Mum writes WAEC Exam,States her dream and Plans for the future

A 48-year-old mum with big dreams and Undying Passion for success has decided to write this year’s West African Examination Council ( Waec) exam.

48-year-old-mum-writes waec

An Instagram user with a username azaaa_firequeen has taken to her page to share a photo of her 48-year-old aunt who is writing the ongoing West Africa senior school certificate examination.

According to her, this is the first time the 48-year old woman would be sitting for the exam.

The lady revealed that her aunt whom she identified as Christina Samuel is a village farmer, and had no previous education because she was poor and had 3 kids from an early marriage.

Christina Samuel sends her kids to school, depending solely on farming as her source of income.

The 48-year-old mother of 3 is ready to pursue her life long dream of becoming an auxiliary nurse, even if she would starve to achieve her desire of being educated.

See screenshots of the post below;

48-year-old-mum-writes waec48-year-old-mum-writes waec




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