Adorable Moment Ibrahim Chatta 4-Months-old baby Joins him in Singing(Video)

Nollywood actor,Ibrahim Chatta has shared a lovely video showing the moment his 4-Months-Old daughter joined him in chanting ‘La ilah illalah’  

The doting dad appeared to have been on his way out but decided to make some quick posts for the gram inside his car before he hit the road.

Chatta was seen with his cute baby girl as he made a recording of both of them. Interestingly, the Muslim actor started chanting ‘’la ilah illalah’ a phrase in Islam which means ‘no god but Allah’, and he got his little girl to say the words after him.

In a different video slide, the movie star who had been joined by his wife gave a beautiful rendition of an Islamic song.


Chatta accompanied his posts with several pictures of his family.

Check out the post below:

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