Hushpuppi’s lawyer,Gal Pissetzy speaks on how he legitimately makes Money,Says he is not a Fraudster

Suspected fraudster,Hushpuppi Lawyer,Gal Pissetzy has stated that his client is not a fraudster as widely speculated in an interview with Forbes.


Pissetzky told Forbes that his client is “an entrepreneur” who made his money legitimately through “real estate” and his work “promoting brands” as an “Instagram personality.”

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Gal Pissetzky went further to tell Forbes that his client is “Absolutely not guilty of the charges they are accusing him of,” adding, “Abbas was running a legitimate business and a very legitimate Instagram account and did not take part in any scam or fraud.”


Asked how Abbas paid for his lifestyle, Pissetzky tells Forbes, “He’s an entrepreneur. He has real estate involvement, he’s an Instagram personality. He was promoting brands and that’s how he was very legitimately making his money.”

Court documents seen online showed Hushpuppi on Monday retained Gal Pissetzky, a senior partner at Chicago law firm Pissetzky & Berliner, to help extricate him from multi-million dollar fraud charges levelled against him by American authorities.




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