“I Can’t Accept N10Million For Endorsement Deal”- Comedian ShankComics Reveals (VIDEO)

Popular comedian, ShankComics has refuted claims he charges N10Million for endorsement deals, stating he charges more in an interview with Cool FM.

Interviewer – I see a lot of people delving into skits and being influencers and it’s looking like it’s being very lucrative. What would you say is the most you made from being a content creator?

Shankcomics – Most like?

Interviewer – The highest amount you made?

Shankcomics – Once or everything together.

Interviewer – At once. Not everything together. What’s the biggest payout you got for one deal from a brand?

Shankcomics – Uhhhh, earlier this year, never again though, but earlier this year I was still like on 200k followers. So I was paid I think ten million for an endorsement. Which is not gonna happen again because now it’s like times four.

Interviewer – So what you’re pretty much saying is that that’s not even gonna be the case, it’s gonna be a lot higher when you get new deals.

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Shankcomics – Of course. Like now I charge two million for a skit, to make an ad video. So obviously if I’m going to get an endorsement deal, it’s going to be a whole lot bigger.


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