“I Moved On”-Broda Shaggi Speaks On His Relationship With DJ Cuppy

The content creator in times past made reference to DJ Cuppy as his love interest. Speaking with Hip TV, Brodda Shaggi said he stopped mentioning her because it was for content purposes at the time and he has moved on to new content. “It was part of the content when I started that time but now content has evolved. We have moved to another content. “I have taken this as my 24-7 job. Every time I create content I create my time to plan the shoot. No time. I don’t go out that much. I am more of an indoor person. I don’t club, not that it’s a bad thing, it is just my person”, he said.
Speaking further, the self-styled ‘Fine boy agbero’ said he lives alone and the solitude inspires him to be more creative.
He added; “My home inspires me. I live alone, I get inspiration when I am alone and most of the time when I am alone you just see me laughing. I live alone, jot things down, and write stories”
  In other news, Davido’s Aide Israel DMW has been spotted spraying a stripper heavy cash as well as putting some in her private part.    
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