Man brutalizes 8-Months Pregnant wife,Leaves her for the dead in Lagos State(Photos)

A Man identified as Desmond Ehimuah is said to have beaten his pregnant wife,Tito Oluwatoyin Ehimuah to the point of death.   Reports has it that,Toyin left her home over a month because of the same issue. She came back on the 29th of June because she was sick and needed to sort things out with her hubby.   A Source said ;“He got back home Tuesday morning and when she asked where he was coming from, she said the next thing she felt was a blow on her eyes and she fell and he started beating her and kicking her tummy till she started bleeding and fainted. “He left her there and walked away not minding if she is died or not. She was rushed to the hospital by her friend and neighbors. He was called to come settle the bill at the hospital but he said he doesn’t care if she dies and he is not coming.”   READ ALSO: It was hell- Peter Okoye shares his experience after himself,his wife and daughter tested positive for COVID-19   ” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” /> The couple got married in August, 2019, and according to a source, “He has been beating her for several months and each time he beats her, it’s to the extent that she gets admitted at the hospital, even at the early stage of her pregnancy. “She funded half of his business, when he started. He has been cheating on her with different ladies and each times she complains he beats her up, but will still go on social media to post himself and his wife and write sweet couple goals epistle painting a picture of a happy  home.”     Please,Spare a sec and like our page on Facebook @BENSABLOG   Visit daily

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