Remember the 5-Yr-Old girl who went Viral for getting a Full make-over for Birthday? See how she looks like without Makeup

Few Weeks back,A Nigerian mother was berated by Media users after she wore her daughter a bikini with full make-up for her 5th Birthday shoot.   The Mother identified as Yetty shared photos of her daughter,Okikiolami wearing a full glammed up face,rocking bikini and also a blue Aso-Oke which Nigerians found annoying, insisting that she should allow a child be a child.   Reacting to this however, Yetty in a new video which she posted on Facebook, said Nigerians are frustrated and they should channel their frustrations to the right person (Buhari).
“Good morning ladies and gentlemen,My name is Adewale Okiki Adedeji ,The mother Of the girl you people have been broadcasting here and there,A 5 year girl did this and that,Please Nigerians what is your problem with my beautiful girl birthday pictures? Is it a crime to show how much I care for her? Can’t you mind your business ? I known Nigerians are frustrated,pass your frustration to other people not me,Why coming to me?. Another person saw my baby pictures and said she is ugly,that’s hypocrisy. I didn’t do the make up for you people to judge (she then asked her daughter to speak,the young girl added to her mother conversation saying that she does what she likes and she liked what she did) I can do whatever I want for my child ,Do you know how many messages I have received from people in US,UK and more than need my baby face? And you say she looks like a dwarf,Don’t pass your agression to me and my child
Don’t threaten me with human rights because they were not there when she was sick and I took care of her,Don’t tell me how to spend my money,She is attending Yemi Ogunbiyi Academy,One of the best schools over here and we are doing fine. I don’t care what people say. I train my children the way I want, I didn’t regret what I did for my baby ,My baby is doing well and Next year,I would double her make up. People want to endorse her ,if my baby wants more,I would do more for her. Change your mentality Nigerians because you would still see more from me” she added. She claimed that even amidst backlashes she has been getting from various people,even celebrities,other people overseas and here in Nigeria have been calling her and messaging her ,wanting to endorse her child and pay for her face. She added that she can train her anyhow she wants and also she would double the make up next year for her.
Watch Video below
Recently the little girl’s picture pop out online, in this recent photos of her she wasn’t wearing makeup and she looked even more prettier than that of the make up, and many people reacted to the photo positively.   Here are few of her photos that are alright..!         -Madailygist     Visit daily.

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