Tacha Finally opens up on her Relationship

Tacha is one of the former housemates of the BBNaija reality TV show many people are curious to know about, especially her love life.   Yes, there are several things already known about her, you know how dogged she is. She loves business, independence, staying strong among many others.

She has been seen doing several things, she has talked about different areas of her life and her fans (the Titans) can’t wait to hear about her relationship and love connections with a man.   READ ALSO: Tacha finally reveals why she stopped being friends with her ‘Ex-Bestie’,Sir Dee   In a recent interview, Tacha had the chance to talk about her love life, I must confess to you it was not only interesting but also shocking. For most of the former housemates of the BBNaija show, we know who they are dating. At least, Mercy and Ike did not hide their love. Gedoni and Khaffi showed us how it was between them. After the show, we got to know about the relationships of the other housemates. Yes, we know so much about other housemates, but what about the Queen of Titans? We really want to know the man in her life, the man maintaining her heart and cooling it off.   When asked about her relationship, she said “I am in a relationship with my bag.” Please Tacha, what does that mean? You are in love with your bag? Yes, she said she is in love with her work, career, and business. Okay, maybe that is good for now and it might change later because at least she did not say she wasn’t going to get married, then she dropped the hardest. “I am in a relationship with my bag and it’s going to be like that for a long time.” Now that is sounding more serious. What do you mean “for a long time”, how long is long? So for everyone waiting to see that main man in Tacha’s life, you might need to wait for a little while. Now how long that is going to be is a question only Tacha will be able to answer.     Please scroll downwards and like our page on Facebook!! Please Do!!     Visit BensaNews.com daily

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