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“There are levels to this shit”- Kim Oprah trolls Tacha by comparing her Lexus car to Tacha’s Mercedes Benz(Video)

During the recent episode of the reunion show, one of the housemates, Kim Oprah accused Tacha of harassment, bullying and intimidation.


According to her, after the show, Tacha came at her, screaming at her while recording and asking where her car was. Kim said Tacha continued to shout that her own confidence got her a car, while asking where was Kim’s car to show.

Explaining further, Kim said:

“You came at me, recording me and screaming at me. I don’t know what prompted it other than what happened on the show. I don’t know if there is any other thing. But I felt like you were trying to put me in a corner and intimidate or bully me. You don’t know anything about me and I don’t know anything about you. I felt like that was really uncalled for it made me feel really unsafe because we were staying in the same place. Because if you could do that I feel you could come at me to my room and try to beat me up or fight me. To me, it was just a lot. I don’t understand what prompted you and you were recording me. I told you several times to stop recording me and you were recording me and screaming on the phone. I don’t know what you want to use those clips for or if they are still on your phone.”


In retaliation,Kim Oprah has taken to social media to troll Tacha by comparing her Lexus car to Tacha’s Mercedes Benz.


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