Toyin Abraham finally explains why she choose to Marry her Co-Actor,Kolayemi Ajewole

Nollywood actress and Film maker,Toyin Abraham in a recent interview with Vanguard has explained why she choose to marry her Co-Actor,Kolayemi Ajewole


Toyin Abraham began her acting in the movie Dugbe Dugbe Nbo produced By Bukky Wright. Since then she has continued to feature in best of Nollywood movies and ventured into movie production.


In this interview with Vanguard Allure,The newly married spoke on her career,spouse,challenges among others.


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What has motherhood changed about you?

Motherhood has really changed a lot about me. Even before I had my baby, my husband had already changed me. Motherhood is like icing on the cake. It has really changed my mentality, my thinking; in fact it has changed everything about me. Now I know I am living for someone. I am living for something.

Can you share some interesting labour room experience?

I actually recorded everything because I had a caesarean section.  I was given an injection that numbed my back. I know I was having an operation but didn’t feel it, I was just talking. I remembered the moment they brought my baby out, my husband saw him and fainted. It was a sweet experience. It wasn’t easy but we thank God.

Going under the knife after birth seems to be thenew beauty regimen for some actresses, what are your thoughts?

It is a matter of choice. Anybody can decide to go under the knife; it’s their choice. I don’t see any big deal in it; you don’t tell people what to do with their bodies.

You launched a herbal product after the birth of your baby, what was the inspiration?

About the herbal product, I launched it because I felt the need to help women.  I had to stop it after a while for some reasons, but I’m still doing the Slimming Tea. I don’t know for now if I would relaunch the herbal product. It is still under probability.

Toyin Abraham: Nollywood’s Darling

Toyin Abraham: Nollywood’s Darling


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Marrying a colleague is not quite common in your industry, was it love at first sight?

Yes, it was.  Because I love my job and I’m passionate about it, I knew that the only person that would understand me, would be a person in the same industry with me especially, coupled with the fact that I have had some not- so- good experiences in the past. So, I just wanted someone that would understand because things would happen that I may not have to explain because he knows and understands. 

Looking back, what were those major challenges you faced at the early stage of your career and how did you overcome them?

I was born and brought up in Ibadan. I didn’t have any family in Lagos at that time. I just had friends. Finding a place to live wasn’t easy.  I was moving from one place to the other until I was able to raise enough money to get my own accommodation. My family didn’t like my job initially but they had no option, they had to accept it.  

I also had challenges with some roles. I come from a good Christian home. Everybody is a devoted Christian. Because of that background, some roles were challenging for me to play but I had to.

What’s the most interesting part of being an actress?

The fact that I have to play someone else. I have to act who I am not, I have to act who I am. I have to do what I’m not in the mood to do. It’s fun and crazy all at the same time.

What does Toyin Abraham look forward to?

In my career, Oscar Awards and in my marriage, more kids.

Which Nigerian designer is your favourite?

They are all good but, I would choose Tolubally for obvious reasons; she’s family.  I would also choose Toyin Lawani Tiannah for the same reason but they are both good.

How would you describe your style?

I am not really a fashionable person.  My husband helps me with that. I also have people who help style me. You can’t know everything, so you have to hire people for things you don’t know. I have people now helping me with fashion, so, I’d say that I am trying.

What won’t you be caught wearing?

Bodysuit. I can’t wear it because I don’t have the body. It is people like Tiwa, Toke, Annie Idibia and co. I don’t have a fine body to wear such.

Your most expensive accessory?

A gold chain my husband bought for me. I wear it once in a while because it’s very expensive.
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