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“What’s going on?”- Cardi B shows concern for Nigerians amid #ENDSARS Protest

American Singer,Cardi B has showed concern for her Nigerians Fans amid the #EndSars protest which is gaining momentum each day.


A Twitter user recently took to his Platform to beg Cardi B to use her platform to reach a wider audience and the international community with regard to the common cause.


@AsiwajuLerry had written ;

Madam @iamcardib, trump is not your only problem. Your beloved Nigeria is currently in a state of pandemonium.

We are not safe!! If you’ve ever loved this country, please help use your platform to create more awareness for us.

Cardi, who has never hidden her love for Nigeria then asked to be briefed on the issue going on in the country. Her reply reads ;

What’s going ? Can you give me a summary so I can research later ….you know I love Nigeria




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