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Who the Fuck is Laycon? Look at him?- Erica and Kiddwaya bodyshames Laycon(VIDEO)

The ‘Kiddrica’ ship is obviously loosing luck as they got strikes for flouting some of the rules of the Reality Show.


Erica received double strikes for whispering as well as staying at the Head of House Room(HOH) till 3am which technically means she “Slept Over” while Kiddwaya on the other hand earned strikes for not carrying out assignment given to him by Biggie.


Subsequently, Erica was infuriated that Laycon didn’t sympathize with her after the strikes. She was apparently dissapointed he didn’t commensurate with her during her struggle.


Erica received double strike for whispering and sleeping in the house of house room, while Kiddwaya received strike for failing to carry out some assignments given to him by Biggie.


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If you recall, Laycon and Erica were very close at the beginning of the show, however when she and Kiddwaya became an item, they both decided to give each other space and refrain from constant communication.

Erica, while conversing with Neo in a video said she doesn’t even intend to talk to Laycon after today, then asked “who the fvck is Laycon? Look at him?”, indirectly referring to his physical stature.

Later in the conversation, her love interest Kiddwaya joined in the conversation and said “I can’t go and beat someone that is half my size”.


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