Wunmi Toriola attacks Former Bestie,Seyi Edun days after her Birthday celebration

The Birthday celebration of Nollywood actress,Wunmi Toriola sparked a lot of commotion as it unraveled her fake friends Like Seyi Edun,who came online to act matured yet act immature offline.   It should be recalled that Seyi Edun and Wunmi Toriola were best friends until recently that they stopped relating to each other like they used to do.   Wunmi Toriola’s post on Instagram Last night reads;   “I am that person who won’t harbour hates, hurt, depression, or sadness in the name of acting ‘MATURED’. If we are cool, awww bless God, if there is a rift,i show my displease,i show my hurt and i don’t play the victim. I try to settle it if need be and if need NOT be,i just watch ,don’t mistake my identity,I am fashioned for Real queens and kings,i am not some of your “MATURED”souls if Maturity is about playing the victim and always looking for sympathy,we all have what we go through in life,don’t hurt people off line and form maturity online…”
Now clearing the air and giving more information on whom she was referring to, the actress released a screenshot of her last chat with colleague and former bestie, Seyi Edun.
According to her, Seyi Edun only greeted her online acting like all is well between them.
“Happy birthday to a beautiful soul @wumitoriola may ur new year be blessed and filled with everlasting joy. Lines will continue to fall in pleasant places for you. Best Wishes Anike”   The action infuriated Wumi Toriola and she flared up!
Why would Seyi Edun not call her or send a text to wish her a happy birthday but post online to act as if all is well between them.   Responding Seyi Edun took her Instagram page and wrote “Hi beautiful people, i got so many calls ,dms, and i was to drown to comments that needed me to clear the Air…This is me offline on her birthday wishing her happy birthday… As for me, i didn’t not get anything on my birthday. Yet ,i had a beautiful celebration..Coming on line to refer me to a “beautiful soul”online is an irony . My new beginning has stopped playing such social media games.. Let all the calls ,messages and insult stop now,some of us have life away from social Media..This is just one of mine,live yours..”
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